The Science of Making Sales Happen

Generating Sales is not an easy thing to accomplish. Decades of Experience, Understanding how to read Data, the Psychology of the sale, and how to use technology to achieve that objective intelligently, is our specialty.

Experienced Team

We are a team of Marketers & Salesmen at heart. Serial Entrepreneurs, launching businesses and products online from the beginning, starting back in 1994.
Pioneers in e-commerce, webinar sales, digital advertising, and outbound call centers. Launching Products and Businesses that have reached billions of dollars in value. Decades of Experience with Direct Relationships to top Publishers, Brands & Advertisers.

Company Founders:
Eric Johnson - Joel Skretvedt - Derek Roth

Using Technology to Respond to the Data that Enables the Psychology
to Close the Sale.

It has been proven that it takes a number of impressions in the mind before anyone commits to a purchase. Technology has enabled marketers to grow that rate of impressions at an exponential rate and now Effective Marketers are learning how to get the Psychology to a Closed Sale much faster and with less impressions.
This is our Science, this is our Legacy.

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